The Best Wellness Gifts To Ask For This Christmas

The Best Wellness Gifts To Ask For This Christmas

There has been an uprise in people focusing on their mental and physical wellness over the past couple of years. And it’s not surprising with the added stresses of modern-day living (not to mention the pandemic we’ve all been facing). Whether you’re wanting to start the new year as a new and improved you. Or, if you’re looking for some gift ideas for your wellness fanatic friend. Here are some great wellness gifts you can ask for -or purchase- this Christmas.

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Gua Sha Body Massager- £16.99

Jade Facial Roller for Gua Sha 
Wellness Gifts 2021
Etsy | Jade Face Roller, Gua sha scraper, Skincare routine, Facial scrub, Handmade Metaphysical Tool, Anti ageing, Face Glowing | £16.99

Gua Sha has become a huge trend throughout 2021 and it’s looking like it will continue to be a wellness trend through 2022. Gua Sha is an ancient Chinese healing technique that involves the scraping and massaging of the skin. This stimulates the microcirculation in the soft tissue- increasing the blood flow. This helps to move stagnant energy that is referred to as ‘Chi.’

You have most likely seen Gua Sha being used as a facial massage, improving the tone and definition of facial structure. However, this technique can also be used on your back, arms and legs. Rose Wilson at Medical News Today reported that a 2014 study shows an improvement in the movement of individuals that use computers frequently. Additionally, a 2017 study shows that weight lifters using Gua Sha require less recovery time than those that don’t. This suggests that using Gua Sha could speed up recovery time (Rose Wilson, 2017).

Some other benefits you may find from using Gua Sha are:

  • Tension Relief.
  • Glowing skin.
  • Minimization of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Reduction of blemishes and redness

You can find Gua Sha tools made out of most healing crystals. However, I have provided the link to a Jade set. This is because Jade is the traditional stone. As a naturally cool stone, Jade can help in soothing the skin through the Gua Sha process. Jade also has balancing properties. It is believed that it can help to direct healing energy to where it’s needed most. If you decide against using a Jadestone you may find it useful to research the properties of the other stones available as each stone has different metaphysical benefits.

Read the MedicalNewsToday article – HERE

Asakuki Oil Diffuser & Oils – £36.99*

Amazon | ASAKUKI 300ml Aromatherapy Oil Diffuser with 6Pcs*10ml Pure Essential Oil Gift Set, Cool Mist Essential Oil Diffuser with 4 Timer Setting, 15 Colour Lights, Auto Shut-Off | £36.99

Aromatherapy is great for easing symptoms of anxiety, stress and depression. As well as improving sleep. This is done by stimulating the smell receptors, sending messages through the nervous system to the limbic system- this is the part of the brain that controls emotions. For this reason aromatherapy is also great for grounding practices (learn more about grounding- HERE). Furthermore, using natural essential oils instead of scented candles or was melts is a great way to get your home smelling lovely without the harmful chemicals.

So, If you’re looking at implementing the benefits of aromatherapy into your life, the ASAKUKI diffuser is a great place to start. As the gift set comes with 6 different oils, you’ll have everything you need to start playing around with aromatherapy and figure out what scents you prefer. Additionally, you can create your perfect atmosphere with the diffusers mood light. The ASAKUKI diffuser is also super quiet and turns off automatically once it has ran out of water. Due to this, it is a great option if you’re looking for something to use during the night.

Mela Weighted Blanket | £120 -£150 | Mela Weighted Blanket | £140

Weighted blankets have been proven to reduce anxiety and help improve sleep. Weighted blankets can also help if you struggle with restlessness within the night. This is because it uses pressure therapy which gives the feeling of being hugged, swaddled or held. You can read all about the benefits of weighted blankets and how to pick the right one HERE. offer a great variety of weighted blankets and covers so you can pick the perfect one! They use SGS certified, anti-rustle weighted glass pellets which mould perfectly to your body shape. The one I have linked includes the weighted blanket and a removable cover. You can also purchase additional covers for your weighted blanket through their website.

Lumi Body Clock Spark 100- £59.99*

Amazon | Lumi Body Clock Spark – Wake-up Light Alarm Clock with Sleep Sunset | £59.99

If you’re constantly trying to become a ‘morning person’ this is definitely for you. This will benefit you by waking you with gradual light exposure. Light therapy has been proven to improve alertness and reduce the initial morning grogginess. As well as this, the light will help in resetting your body clock and make waking up early come more naturally. I’m a huge advocate of sunrise lamps. Especially if you’re someone that suffers from S.A.D (seasonal affective disorder).

I talk more about the benefits of using a sunrise plan in my post ‘How to Stay Well This Winter. You can read that post – HERE.

The ‘Lumie Bodyclock Spark 100’ is a great option as the light gradually gets brighter over a 30 minute period. This allows you to wake slowly and feel more refreshed. If you need the little extra boost in your wake up call you can also add an alarm beep to the light. In addition, you can alter the final brightness so you can wake up comfortably. As well as this it has a sunset setting so you can wind down as the light gradually dims over a 30 minute period.

There are newer, more expensive Lumie alarms that feature more wake-up sounds and allow you to alter the sunrise and sunset time so I recommend doing a little research to find which suits you best. However, I have linked this particular alarm clock as I have tried it myself and can say I really loved it.

Acupressure Mat- £23.99*

Black Acupressure Mat and Pillow
Amazon | Premwell Acupressure Mat and Pillow – Massage Mat for Pain Relief, Stress Relief and Relaxation – Premier Wellness Therapy | £23.99

You can really benefit from an acupressure mat in so many ways. Acupressure is an ancient Chinese healing method that is proven to provide natural pain relief, release endorphins and aid in muscle relaxation. This is a particularly great method if you struggle with back and neck pain. You can get the benefits of acupressure by laying on the mat for 20-40 minutes. However, you my find it easier to start with 10 minute sessions and gradually increasing the length of time as you get used to the feeling of the mat.

Acupressure mats use plastic needles that do not pierce the skin unlike acupuncture. This works putting pressure on specific points of the bodies meridians. This increases blood flow and endorphins allowing the muscles to relax and restoring the balance to the bodies energy channels.


  1. These are all wonderful gift ideas! Gua sha tools, a diffuser, and a weighted blanket have been such a great addition to my life. I’m going to add the sun lamp and acupressure mat to my list. Thank you for sharing these thoughtful gift ideas!

  2. I can definitely agree with the weighted blanket and essential oil diffuser. I use both of those things every night for myself and couldn’t possibly live without them! I absolutely love this list of wellness gifts.

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