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When you load a website on your browser, small blocks of data called ‘cookies’ are collected. This allows websites to function properly and make them more secure. The use of cookies on a website will also better your user experience.

‘Megan Charlie’ uses both first-party and third-party for a number of reasons. First-party cookies help with the general running of the website. These cookies will not collect any of your personal data. Third-party cookies on this site will collect data such as how you interact with the website and how the website performs. This information will allow the website owner to keep the website up to date and improve your overall experience. Third-party cookies also allow the website to remain secure.

You can adjust whether or not you allow the use of cookies using the ‘cookies settings’ on your web browser. If you choose to disable cookies certain features of may not function as well and you may find your user experience is not as streamlined. For this reason, I recommend allowing cookies to run on this site.

Log Data collects data that your browser sends whenever you visit the site. This Log Data may include information like your IP address, browser type, which pages you visit, and other statistics.

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While using, you may be asked to provide personal identifiable information. This information is used as a way to recognise or contact you if you choose to leave a comment or use features like the contact form. The only information collected in these instances will be your name and email address.

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