The Best Podcasts for ‘That Girl!’

The Best Podcasts for ‘That Girl!’

The ‘That Girl’ trend has been all over social media for months. But what exactly does it mean to become ‘That Girl?’ I have found this trend is generally surrounding wellness and beginning to romanticise your life. Ultimately, the ‘That Girl’ trend or aesthetic is all about living your best life- which we’re all about over here.

Learning about wellness and finding the motivation to begin your journey can be difficult, and, for those of us with busy (and frankly, hectic) lives it’s often put on the back burner. Since using podcasts as a primary form of wellness inspiration I have found myself moving along my journey at a much more noticeable pace, so I thought I would share with you some of my all-time faves for those of you wanting to begin your journey. In this list, you can expect anything ranging from spirituality to physical wellness. So Buckle in and be sure to share if you listen to any of these podcasts or your favourite podcasts in the comments below.

I Love You So Much with Kenzie Elizabeth

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I Love You So Much is all about navigating your life as someone in their twenties. Kenzie talks openly and authentically about mental health, wellness and hustle culture. She’s also had some incredible conversations surrounding manifestation and making the most out of your twenties. I really like this podcast and would recommend it to anyone navigating early adulthood and beginning their wellness journey. It’s insightful and motivating, but, it can occasionally lack depth which you may want to keep in mind.

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The Highest Self Podcast with Sahara Rose

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Sahara Rose is a spiritual guru and her podcast is evidence of that. This podcast is all about finding your life purpose and tuning into your spiritual gifts. However, my personal favourite episodes are the ones discussing ancestral trauma and family healing. I would say some of the discussions are a bit out there. But, if spiritual healing is your thing and you keep an open mind this could be the podcast for you.

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Happy Place with Fearne Cotton

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Now, if you know me, you know I’m a huge Fearne Cotton fan (Read my review of her book: HERE). Actually, happy place if the first podcast I started listening to. In the podcast, Fearne has conversations with celebs revealing what happiness is to them. This podcast is inspiring to listen to and great if you need some entertainment.

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Not Your Typical with Katelynn Nolan

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If you want a podcast full of conversations on self-love, conversations and wellness. This is it. I really enjoy that Katelynn talks about health and exercise in such a positive way. By this, I mean she comes at it from the perspective of building confidence and general fitness. I think this is so important for fighting diet culture and negative self-image. As well as this, I find she’s really honest about the fact she doesn’t work out or make the bed constantly bringing less shame to this.

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Manifest Daily with Dheandra Nicolette

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If manifestation is your thing you have to check out manifest daily. Dheandra talks all about manifestation, raising your vibration and getting aligned with those desires. This podcast is also great for those of us navigating early adulthood as Dheandra talks about her personal life and journey with manifestation. There’s definitely a good mix of content here and she is so down to earth it makes the podcast a great listen.

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So, there we have it. Some of my favourite personal development podcasts! There are definitely loads more I would love to share with you over time. But, for now, I would love to hear about some of your faves!


  1. These sounds like really interesting podcasts and I shal take a listen to see if any resonates. Some of my favourite podcasts at the moment are The Lana Blakely Podcast, The Creative Coffee Club and Detail Therapy.

  2. I have not heard of this before so it was interesting to read about ‘That Girl’. I love a good podcast and used to enjoy watching Ferne Cotton when I still lived in the UK so would be interested in listening to her again!

  3. I have to be honest, I don’t listen to podcast, but I have lots of friends who do so I’ll recommend your post to them, thank you!

  4. I have seen this trend around but never really understood the meaning behind it, so thank you for sharing! Also, these podcasts would work really well, adding them to my lisy!

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