How to Manage Christmas Stress

How to Manage Christmas Stress

December is an incredibly hectic month. People dizzy about as they try to cram in their festive traditions, Christmas shopping and Christmas day prep onto their already very busy schedules. It’s easy to understand why their is an increase in stress. With an increase in stress comes a multitude of different problems. Stress induced sleep problems, digestive problems a weakened immune system are definitely thing we want to try and avoid this season. So, i’m here to share with you some ways you can manage Christmas stress this year.


Acknowledge Your Thoughts & Feelings

Being able to identify that you aren’t feeling great mentally is the first step to fixing it.

Take a moment to sit with your thoughts and feelings. Write them all down. I suggest doing this multiple times throughout the month so you can really reflect on where your mental state is. Are you feeling overwhelmed? Perhaps you’ve become irritable. Or, maybe you’ve been feeling particularly anxious. What ever your feelings are know that they are valid.

Once you have identified your thoughts and feelings you may want to consider why you’re feeling this way. Is your anxiety caused by money stresses? Are you overloading that to-do list causing overwhelm? Being able to identify and accept that you aren’t feeling great mentally if the first step to fixing it. Once you have identified the root to your negative feeling you can start to work through it.

Megan Charlie, Managing Christmas Stress

Plan Ahead

Planning ahead is key to good time management. Which makes it key to managing Christmas stress. Saying that, you want to be sure you’re not overfilling your to-do list. Sit down at the end of the week and plan out the week ahead. When you do this you should also pencil in time for you. What fun activities do you want to do this Christmas?

Another time management tip I have is to separate that to-do list into three sections:

  1. Priorities. These are the tasks that need doing and should be focused on before anything else.
  2. Things to try and get done. Focus on this list after you complete the first one. These should be non-time-sensitive tasks.
  3. Things you’d like to do. This list is for tasks that don’t need doing, but, it would be nice if they got done. Move onto this list last.

By doing this you get the most Important tasks done first and have a visual reminder that it’s ok for you to not get it all done. I also find this method useful for low motivation days as you can focus on a smaller list, making it less daunting.

I like to use google calendar and to plan my days alongside my paper diary.

Stick to a Budget

Money can be a major stress factor and Christmas has a lot of extra expenses. Sit down and work out a budget that works for you and stick to it! I find it useful to write down what gifts I’ve bought for people and how much they cost so I can stay on top of my money. However, budgeting is not my forte so I am going to link some of my favourite Christmas budgeting blog posts with you:

Take Time For Yourself & Don’t Abandon Healthy Habits

Getting swept up in the Christmas season can often result in self-care doing down the drain. Planning time for you to do something just for you will help you feel relaxed and more connected to yourself. Self-care is super important and it’s not practised you may start to feel a little less confident and dissatisfied with yourself. So, get those bath bombs out, light some candles and have yourself a paper session.

Similarly, you want to make sure that you continue to practice your healthy habits. Maintaining a routine will help decrease your stress levels and your healthy habits will help prevent you from falling into a rut.

For more tips on staying well this winter read my post ‘How to Stay Well This Winter’- HERE


  1. Really useful tips — Christmas can definitely be rather stressful so I hope people do what they can to minimize that. My husband and I keep this holiday season really simple and that seems to work for us. Thanks for all the info!

  2. These are all great tips. I can understand why Christmas can be stressful but never really felt them this way. I think my biggest issue during these days is the budget since I usually spend too much and end up broke.

    1. I’m always far more excited than stressed, to be honest. It wasn’t until I got older and saw how stressed my mum got around Christmas that I really understood it. Budgeting is definitely my biggest issue as well!

  3. Woah, such an informative post. We all need this type of content, especially in the times, we’re living in. Because of the ongoing pandemic, Christmas may be a bit stressful this year. I love all tips you’ve given, especially the one regarding the importance of planning everything in advance. This surely is a game changer!

  4. This is such a wonderfully written and beneficial post! I definitely struggle during this time of year because I have a ton on my plate, and this year I said “yes” to a few too many project so I’m feeling beyond overwhelmed. I needed these reminders!

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