'About' Megan Charlie

Megan Charlie aims to inspire you to show up for yourself and start living your best life.

Megan Charlie was created in 2020 as a hub to all things personal development, wellness and productivity.

Here we believe that the power to change our lives comes from within. But, sometimes that spark to create dulls and we feel disconnected from our personal power. Megan Charlie’s goal is to inspire you to start living as your highest self, reignite the spark and remind you of that power.

Read on to learn more about who’s behind the blog.


My name is Megan. I am an English Literature student, self-improvement fanatic and creator of this blog.

I created ‘Megan Charlie’ as a way to share my own, personal wellness journey and as a resource for your personal development. Here you can find useful (and hopefully inspirational) content to help you reconnect with yourself and your personal power. My goal is to provide you with content that is nurturing to your mind, body and soul. Teaching you how to be a little bit kinder and more patient with yourself as you grow into the person you want to be.

My Story

Throughout most of my teenage life, I battled with anxiety and depression. I was resorting to unhealthy habits and coping mechanisms to get by and found it difficult to trust in myself. It was a pretty turbulent time and seeing the bright side wasn’t easy. But, I knew I wanted more out of my life.

I started practising mindfulness and looking into how I could grow as a person. Leaving behind all of the unhealthy habits and forming new, positive ones. It’s definitely still a battle but I am finding my way.

Over the years my yearning to do more with my life grew. I wanted to help people going through a similar thing to me. People who felt lost and powerless. So, I have compiled all that I have learnt into this little corner of the internet so I can take you along a journey of growth as well.

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